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N-Run exists merely because the founder became tired of gaming websites doing little but running press releases as news pieces and presenting silly rumors as fact. As there seemed to be no gaming news site dedicated to only presenting the latest news in a quick and unflashy manner, it seemed worthwhile to try to make such a site. Whether it was really a good idea remains to be determined; however, if you are actually reading this and not related by blood to the staff, then odds are that the site has amounted to something. Possibly a very minor something, but a something nonetheless.

N-Run strives to be a simple, plain, and boring website. If you prefer the kind with giant ad banners and animations which make some computers blink at you in a confused manner, then you have no shortage of alternatives.

N-Run, as the name might imply, focuses primarily on the various Nintendo gaming platforms. Should the site turn out to be successful and cause large trucks of money to deposit their contents in our bank accounts, multiplatform coverage might begin.

N-Run really enjoys printing its name in red.

Staff: David Dayton (Grand Dictator of Everything)
Dannielle Pence (Writer and Chief Yoshi Wrangler)
Matthew Schraeder (Frozen Words)

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