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Wednesday, September 17, 2003
Wednesday, 9/17/03
More Stuff to Buy

Shining Soul and Boktai for the GBA are shipping this week, as well as Simpsons Hit & Run
for the GC. Depending on where in the USA you
live, you should be able to pick them up sometime between now and next Monday.

Nintendo Gamer's Summit 2003

Nintendo is showing off their gaming wares in San Francisco today and tomorrow. Once again, we
at N-Run aren't yet impressive enough to get invitatiations. More information to come when we
beat it out of someone.

Development Kits for New Game Boy

The Official Nintendo Magazine, in the U.K., mentioned that developers might be receiving
early development kits for the next incarnation of the Game Boy sometime late this year. If this
is true, it seems to point to Nintendo launching a new GB system early enough to directly
compete with the Sony PSP.

Another Mario Golf Tournament

No prizes have been announced this time, but visit
the Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour leaderboard
to take part.

Monday, September 15, 2003
Monday, 9/15/03
Animal Crossing Will Finally Reach Australia

Nintendo of Australia has given an October 17th release for Animal Crossing,
the little game that none of us expected to make it. Strangely, Animal Crossing's
European status is still in limbo, although rumors are springing about that NoE playtesters
have had their hands on copies of it.

Hudson/Konami SSBM Clone

About a year ago, Hudson and Konami announced a mascot character fighting game. It will be
released in Japan this December for the GC and PS2, feature four player gameplay, and star
Hudson, Konami, and "manga characters". Bomberman, Simon Belmont, Master Higgens, Twin Bee,
Bigheaded Baseball Guy, and others will be present in the game.

Pokemon Update

While it seems to still not have been officially announced, more and more rumors and
inside sources are claiming that Nintendo will be releasing and updated version of
Pokemon Red/Green (that's Red and Blue to everyone outside Japan) for the GBA.
In fact, several screen shots emerged in a recent Japanese gaming mag, with the GBA title
clearly in place; as well, Japanese gaming site Dengeki Online has
article and screenshot
from the game.

In other news, NCL will be issuing a special bonus disc to those preordering Pokemon
. The disc will unlock some rare items (although not rare Pokemon, it seems)
in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire.

Game Concert News

On Sept. 14 in Japan, a
"Mario & Zelda Big Band Live Concert"
was held. However, as the N-Run staff
has no money to fly to Japan for a game music concert, we have no other news. Perhaps
Nintendo will do what they did with last year's Super Smash Bros. Melee concert and
give away the CD via gaming magazines.

If you remember, the German Game Show also had a game music concert. However, there are no plans to
release a CD of the concert event. Promoters did say that they are planning to hold
another concert in 2004, if all goes well.

In Stores This Week, Or So

Banjo-Kazooie for the GBA is out, and P.N.03 should actually be available for
purchase as well, if you are so enclined. Go spend some money.

Nintendo Reads Petitions?

In a recent interview with the Official Nintendo Magazine of Europe, Shigeru Miyamoto was
asked about the possibility of Mother 1 & 2 being released outside of Japan. Miyamoto said that
Earthbound didn't sell as well as they had hoped,
"but there was a petition in the US, a 'Please make Mother 3' petition and it got about
30,000 signatures! After that, we thought 'Wow... Earthbound fans are really solid'."

The petition mentioned would be the well known Starmen.net
Earthbound 3 petition. For more information, visit their site; however the fact that
it appears NCL was impressed by a petition for a new game seems to imply that those petitions
aren't as worthless as everyone thought.

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