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Monday, May 10, 2004
New Disney GBA Games: Tron and Nightmare Before Christmas
It seems that the GBA will be receiving two new Disney titles later this year. The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King and Tron 2.0: Killer App are both scheduled for a late 2004 release. What is really interesting is that Tron 2.0: Killer Ap will include emulated versions of the original Tron arcade games; the developer, Digital Eclipse, is one of the leading arcade emulation companies and their work should prove to be most interesting.
Majesco's New Wireless GBA Products
Majesco, publishers of the GBA Video series, will be demonstrating two wireless GBA products at e3 this year. The Wireless Link is an interesting gadget that allows any link cable game to be played wirelessly. Triton Labs, the folks behind the GBA Afterburner kit, had been working on just such a device last year, although it's not yet known whether Majesco purchased their device or developed it internally.

The Wireless Messenger will allow users to send messages between GBA units, although it's not yet known exactly how the WM device will communicate (a built-in transmitter, using the official wireless adaptor, or using Majesco's Wireless Link).

Neither device has been officially approved by Nintendo at this point, and we're curious as to whether or not the Wireless Link will be, as it seems to somewhat conflict with Nintendo's own Wireless Adaptor.
Koei To Release a DS Game?
According to gaming news site Game-Science, Koei has announced that it will be developing a Dynasty Warriors game for the DS system. Perhaps we'll see more at e3... or simply find ourselves consumed by regret.
Almost Everyone Loves the DS
Nintendo recently sent out a press release which said that over 100 developers were currently working on titles for the DS. Whether all of them will actually release a game is another story entirely, of course - don't forget that Square had N64 and Virtual Boy development kits. While the possession of a development kit isn't enough to confirm actual development, it does seem like a rather good sign that so many developers have access to the proper tools and generally seem enthusiastic about the platform.
Free Radical's Timesplitters and Second Sight
EA will be publishing Free Radical's new Timesplitters game in early 2005. Entitled Timesplitters Future Perfect and designed by a team including a few members of Rare's old Goldeneye team, the game features multiplayer support (death matches and two player co-op mode), but the GameCube version will not feature online support.

CodeMasters will be publishing Second Sight, a third person action adventure with emphasis on the main character's bizarre mental powers. Expect more details after e3.
New Goldeneye from EA
EA has announced a new Goldeneye game, coming to all three console platforms. GoldenEye: Rogue Agent allows you to play as the bad guy this time around: a discredited British agent who has lost his eye in battle, and now sports an artificial golden eye.

We'd like to take a moment to give thanks that EA hasn't purchased to rights to any other decent game recently.
Sunday, May 09, 2004
Upcoming Games from Sega
Sega held their press conference recently, announcing their upcoming games. The GameCube will see Amazing Island, Puyo Puyo Fever, and Virtua Quest. Astro Boy: The Omega Factor is scheduled for release on the GBA. Sega may well announce additional titles at e3 itself.

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