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Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Wednesday, 11/12/03
Metroid: Zero Mission News

The upcoming GBA game Metroid: Zero Mission is currently scheduled for
release on 02/09/04. The game has been confirmed as a sort of "retelling" of
the original Metroid game, featuring expanded areas, new weapons,
story telling aspects, and more. Some of the game design will mimic the
map and game setup of the NES original.

Pokemon Colosseum Release in 2004

NOA plans to release the GC game Pokemon Colosseum in late March of 2004.
The game will feature the "Stadium" battle modes seen in the N64 Pokemon
games, as well as a mini-RPG mode game. Pokemon Colosseum
was designed by Genius Soronity, a Nintendo second party development team
composed of members of the Earthbound and Dragon Warrior/Quest
teams (yes, some Enix staff defected).

An interesting point is that there seems to be no word of a USA release of the
Pokemon Box GC utility program, which let gamers manage their Pokemon
on GC memory cards, then transfer them back to their GBA games. Perhaps
NOA plans to combine the Pokemon Box function with the Pokemon

Tiny Final Fantasy Preorder Bonus

If you preorder the upcoming Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (due for
release on February 9th, 2004), you will receive a free GBA-GC link cable, a
necessary piece of equipment for multiplayer games. As you might recall,
FF:CC requires a GBA and link cable for each player when playing a
multiplayer game.

Nintendo Improves in Europe

Nintendo of Europe is reporting that they currently have 25% of the marketshare
throughout Europe (up from 5% a few weeks back), saying that since the price
drop the GC has sold extremely well. The problem is that the GC's 25% marketshare
might only refer to the current sales, and not the total installed userbase.
In either event, it's nice to see NOE selling more systems these days. Now if
Nintendo of Australia could just pull this off...

Insane Gamer Beats Metroid Prime In Record Time

Someone has managed to complete Metroid Prime (with 100% of the items)
in a mere 1 hour and 37 minutes. If that wasn't impressive enough as it is,
he's provided full video footage of the entire "speed play" through the game,
as well as commentary and tips for anyone foolish enough to try to match or
best his time. Visit the PlanetQuake
Speed Demos Archive
to view this amazing feat.

Harvest Moon Sells Well in Japan

The new GC and GBA Harvest Moon games are selling very well in Japan,
outperforming expectations. The GBA Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town
was expected to sell 75,000 copies, and has sold 127,000 at this point. The
GC Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life was expected to sell 35,000 copies,
but has sold 77,000! Let's hope these high sales rates continue when the GC
game is released in the USA.

Japanese Viewtiful Joe Rerelease

Capcom plans to rerelease Viewtiful Joe in Japan on December 18th, as
"Viewtiful Joe Popular Edition" or "Viewtiful Joe Revival". The game will
feature an additional difficulty mode ("Sweet" -- a very easy mode) and
some other bonuses. The game will also be sold for a bit less than normal, at
3,980 Yen (about $35).

New Chun Soft Game

Chun Soft, developer of some of Enix's original Dragon Warrior/Quest
games, has announced a new GameCube RPG title. You can view the
trailer on Chun Soft's
. The RPG deals with children saving the world from darkness, is to be
exclusive to the GC system, and is really a mystery at this point.

Super Monkey Ball is now Player's Choice

Super Monkey Ball has been rereleased as a $19.99 Player's Choice
title. Aren't you excited?

In Stores This Week...

As a sign that the "holiday shopping season" is upon us, insane numbers of games
are starting to appear in stores. This week you should be able to find:

  • Crash Nitro Kart (GC) (GBA) -- Note that the GC version supports
    LAN play.

  • Disney's Magical Quest 2 (GBA)

  • Double Dragon Advance (GBA)

  • The Hobbit (GC) (GBA)

  • Mario Party 5 (GC)

  • Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (GC)

  • Onimusha Tactics (GBA)

  • Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (GC)

  • Terminator 3 (GBA)

  • Also, the Platinum colored Wavebird should be in stores soon, although some
    Wal-Marts appear to be selling them already.

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