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Thursday, April 22, 2004
Update on Cube Wars Rumor
Recently, IGN hinted of an upcoming GC Wars game. It seems they have the impression that the game being worked on by Kuju Entertainment might be a Wars update. However, there is no proof of this, and IGN's latest commentary seems very reluctant to confirm it as being anything other than a rumor. In other words, don't expect to see a GameCube Wars game any time soon. e3 should prove to be enlightening as far as the Kuju game goes, though.
New Nintendo Commercials
Nintendo has a few new commercials being readied for the airwaves. Leo Burnett, NOA's advertising agency, has made these new commercials available for download on their site. The "Who Are You?" theme returns, although we must say that we find the GBA advertisement much more appealing than the GameCube ones.
Wednesday, April 21, 2004
Wacky Gaming Deals
It appears that Sonic Mega Collection has recently entered the Player's Choice series of titles. Best Buy stores are carrying the freshly minted Player's Choice version of Sonic Mega Collection for the low price of $19.99, and we hope that other stores will quickly follow.

In addition, Best Buy is clearing out the GBA Jukebox for $20. This nifty device allows you to play and record MP3 files using Compact Flash cards. You can even remove the Jukebox from your GBA and use it as a stand alone portable MP3 player. It originally sold for $100, and it well worth the new $20 price.
In Stores This...Oh, We Give Up
You may have noticed that Space Raiders and Serious Sam have been in our "new release" updates for the past two weeks. Both titles are available for purchase online, but we can't seem to find them in any stores. It's getting maddening.

In addition, it seems that another obscure budget GC title may have been released -- Pool Paradise. We can't get confirmation of PP's release, and it's possible it's a UK only title. However, Pool Paradise is supposed to be a somewhat decent $20 pool simulation, complete with the original Dropzone game as an added bonus... so we do hope that it appears here at some point.
Resident Evil 4 Trailer Now Popping Up Everywhere
Several sites are now offering the Resident Evil 4 Trailer for download. N-Run isn't, mainly because we don't yet pull in enough cash from our invisible advertising banners to pay for the bandwidth. However, those fine folk at Planet GameCube are offering the trailer for free. You might try getting it from them, unless you'd rather pay IGN for the priviledge.
GameCube Wars Title Coming?
In a recent IGN mailbag one of IGN's many beloved editors began listing upcoming multiplayer GameCube titles. Interestingly enough, the names Cube Wars and Super Monkey Ball 3 appear in his list. Whether this means that he knows something we don't, or that he's getting careless in his old age, is something we can't really be sure about. We'll have to wait until e3 for more information.
First Unlicensed GameCube Game
Datel plans to release MaxPlay Classic Games Volume 1, a compilation of ten "retro-style" games for the GameCube (and, to a lesser extent, the PS2). The games featuring simple graphics (rumored to be because some of them are GBA games running under Datel's GBA emulator) and quick gameplay, mimicking games you may or may not have played in the past. As of now, the title is only scheduled for a release in Europe, but it is supposed to begin selling for a mere 5 pounds on April 23rd. Screenshots and ordering information for the only unlicensed GameCube game are available on Datel's CodeJunkies website.
Final Fantasy III and the GBA -- Possible?
NCL's Japanese web magazine Nintendo Dream recently ran a short interview with Takashi Tokita of Square Enix. When asked about the possibility of Final Fantasy III being ported to the GBA, he was hesistant, remarking that the time for such a port might be over. However, he did say that Nintendo appeared interested in seeing FF3 on the GBA, so it could well be possible. Square Enix had decided against releasing Famicom Mini ports of the earlier FF games, as they were deemed too difficult to be fun. The GBA ports do feature a different save system and tweaked gameplay, as well as the enhanced graphics and sounds.

Final Fantasy III is the one FF game that has never been released in the USA. With Final Fantasy I & II coming to Japanese GBA systems this year, things are looking up for more ports of classic Square and Enix RPGs.
Viewtiful Joe 2 Officially Announced
Viewtiful Joe 2 has been officially announced by Capcom, and is scheduled to appear sometime "this winter". Earlier rumors have been confirmed, in that you will be able to play as Joe or Sonja. Two players can join together and play the game in the co-op mode, making things even more "Viewtiful" than ever. As Viewtiful Joe 2 will be gracing the GameCube (and, to a lesser extend, the PS2) later this year, let's hope for another round of GC demo discs this summer.
Pokemon Box European Update
It appears that Pokemon Box, the GameCube companion utility for Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire, will not only be released in a GameCube bundle package, but will be offered in the NoE Stars Catalog for 4000 points. It will be made available on May 14th.

There still is no word on whether or not Pokemon Box will be coming to the USA. We at N-Run are starting to wonder if it might see the light of day when Pokemon Fire Red / Leaf Green appear.
Homebrew GBA eReader Cards Possibly On The Way
A GBA hacker has managed to decipher the encoding algorithym used on eReader cards, and has released a utility program which allows you to print out eReader compatible barcodes. One public domain game is available on http://users.skynet.be/firefly/gba/e-reader/index.htm -- all you have to do is manage to get a printer to print out the design in just the right manner and size. If you have an eReader, you might want to take a look.
Game Stars Awards for Nintendo in the UK
Game Stars, an annual gaming awards show in the UK, recently chose three of Nintendo's titles for award recognition. Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was ruled the Best Adventure Game, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! was determined to be the Best Multiplayer Game, and the Best Pocket Game award went to Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire. Nintendo of Europe released a press release in honor of this occasion. Truly, we are trembling with joy.
"Tribal" GBA SP
Nintendo of Europe plans to release a "tribal" edition of the GBA SP this June. On the off chance you are as out of touch as we are, "tribal" means that the SP surface will be covered with little blk patterns, supposedly based on the traditional tatooing styles found in other parts of the world. If this has been the SP you've been looking for, prepare to spend another small chunk of change to get it.

Oh, yes, pictures are available over at N-Philes, if you found our description disturbingly void of meaning.

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